First Week of Remote Learning

                          ELEMENTARY   SCHOOL                  


Please click on the following packet to download the PDF files. Please be patient and give the files time to download.

Elementary School Daily Schedule

Project Based Learning Material
(April 14 - April 17)

Kindergarten Project (April 14 - April 17)

Grade 1 Projects (April 14 - April 17)

My Recipe Book - Lugares de mi comunidad.

Grade 2 Projects (April 14 - April 17)

Grade 3 Projects (April 14 - April 17)

Grade 4 Projects (April 14 - April 17)


English Kindergarten HW

Spanish Kindergarten HW

English Letter Practice

English Number Practice

Visual Art - Kindergarten Packet 

Music - K /1

Physical Education - 1/2

First Grade

Grade 1 English Packet 

Grade 1 Spanish Packet

Music - K/1 Packet

Physical Education - 1/2 Packet 

Dance and Theater - 1 Packet 

Second Grade

Second Grade Packet

Grade 2 Spanish Packet

Visual Art - Second Packet  

Dance and Theater - Second Packet

Third Grade

Grade 3 Packet 

Music Packet - 3/4 Packet

Visual Art - 3/4 Packet

Physical Education - 3/4 Packet

Dance and Theater -  3/4 Packet

Fourth Grade

Grade 4 Packet 

Music - 3/4 Packet

Visual Art - 3/4 Packet

Physical Education -3/4 Packet

Dance and Theater -  3/4 Packet


Dede's Reading Corner

Level E 1: Chicken Little 
by Elinor Chamas

Level E 2: Mali at the Pet Shop

Level E 5: The Trip
by Emma Rose Benman

Level F 2: A Fast Fox 
by Fay Robinson

Level F 3: Mother Sea Turtle 
by Jane Bingley

Level F 4: Pop, Pop, Popcorn! 
By Amy Helfer

Level F 5: Down
by the Pond

Level G 1: Meli at School 
by Margie Sigman

Level G 2: At the Beach 
by Maggie Bridger

Level G 3: The Perfect Picnic 
by Fay Robinson

Level G 4: A Party for Panda
by Anna Keyes

Level G 5: The New Roof 
by Emma DeBros

Level H 1: The Coyote and the Rabbit 
by Linda B. Ross

Level H 2: Plants That Eat Bugs
by Liz Ray

Level H 4: Wide Awake!
by Fay Robinson

Level H 5: The Bird Feeders
by Emma DeBrose

Level I 1: Road Builders
by David Earl

Level I 2: All About Dinosaurs
by Stanley Francis

Level I 3: The Fun Club Goes to the Post Office
by Jane Shaffer

Level I 4: The Fun Club Goes to the Vet Clinic
 by Jane Shaffer

Level I 5: The Wind and the Sun
by Hannah Bok

                                   MIDDLE SCHOOL                            

Follow the letter day schedule based on your instructional group to complete assignments for each of the classes via Google Classroom and communicate with your teachers.  

Remote Learning Introduction Video

Middle School Remote Learning (ENGLISH)

El aprendizaje a distancia de la escuela intermedia

Google Classroom Codes

5th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

6th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

7th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

March MS Letter Calendar

April MS Letter Calendar 

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