School Leadership

About our Board of Trustees

Our board, leadership and staff share deep connections to the community and many years of experience in education.

SBCSICA was founded on the belief that a high quality education and a vibrant, deep connection to the local community go hand in hand. By maintaining a strong relationship with the community and teaching students about its rich and complex history, we hope to create citizens who will contribute to the continued revival of the South Bronx.

We believe in and set exceptionally high professional and ethical standards for our board, leadership and staff. If necessary we take swift action to ensure those high standards are maintained as it is of utmost importance that we set an exceptional example for our students.

  • Priscilla Ocasio - Board Chair - Executive Committee, Finance Committee

  • Donald P Mattson - Vice Chair, Executive Committee, Finance Committee

  • John R. Potapchuk - Executive Committee, Finance Committee

  • Elvis Torres - Executive Committee, Finance Committee

  • Carmen Santos - Personnel Committee