What does dual language instruction look like?

Our student body is diverse.  About half of our students come from Spanish speaking homes while the other half have little or no exposure to Spanish. Yet no student feels left out- and all have the opportunity to help their peers in the language they are most comfortable with.

Our teachers work closely together and plan each month of instruction, carefully considering language proficiency when introducing content. Students spend one entire week of learning in English, frequently when new concepts are introduced.  The following week of instruction is taught in Spanish where teachers enhance and expand their learning in the second language. Students exit our program as fluent, competent readers and writers in both languages.

How do we support our students?

Our work is ongoing. Teachers and staff make it a priority to support the needs and grow the strengths of each and every student.

Student assessment takes place regularly and provides information on individual progress, allowing teachers to identify those students mastering material as well as identify areas of need where children need targeted support.